Very Special Thanks

I wish to give a very special thank you to those who have helped me in any way with my research and writing. Without the support of the following people these projects may not have happened. Thank you.

Kimberly Kotzian
Pam & John Kotzian
Billie & Deb Smith
Adam McCulloch
Amy Fitch
Barb Koski
Barry James
Barry Simescu
Becky & Pete Hopersberger
Brian Buchkosky
Brian Kotzian
Buzz Hoerr
Carol Fink
Charles Law
Christin Logarakis
Christopher Biernacki
Chuck Tyrrell
Colin MacKenzie
David Law
Debbie Jett
Doug Tracy
Earl Longuski
Eric Fischer
Ethel Walkington
Everett B. Pendleton
Frank Kaminski
Frederick Stonehouse
Garth Law
Gayle Herron
Gina Kemp
Glenn Longacre
Hunter Harwood
James Ritter
Jim Vivian
Joe N. Gibbons
John Galluzzo
Jordan Byelich
Joseph Weaver
Karen Wight
Larry Madsen
Linda Culpepper
Lloyd Kaufman
Margaret Noori
Marguerite Filowicz
Mark Bowden
Mary Hill
Matthew Gray
Michele Taschler
Nancy Alden
Natalie Cuellar-Wilsom
Pam Ekdahl
Peter Nowosad
Richard Howk
Robert Graham
Rose Hunt
Scott R. Richardson
Shannon Smolinkski
Steve & Grace Truman
Terry Pepper
Tim Harrison

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